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Monkey Business : Re-designing Money for 21st Century Primates (London – Greenwich & Lewisham Local Group)

In this talk John Wood, Emititus Professor of Design at Goldsmiths, will argue that we may be able to make society fairer and safer without challenging some fundamental assumptions behind money and how it works. He will outline a relational currency system that is inspired by living systems.

Although our species evolved the capacity to think more abstractly than our chimpanzee ancestors, some of our distinctively human cognitive abilities were probably formed through the early shaping of artefacts and, later, the practices of mining and bartering (between 100,000 and 35,000 years ago). These led to the ability to objectify values that could be counted. Humans also have several innate 'biases' which which make it hard for them to visualise even relatively small numbers. Nevertheless, the addiction to winning means that the wealthiest person may always crave another nought on their bank balance. My relational currency system seeks to transcend the logic of objectification by generating synergies from multiple differences. In the standard genre of invention, two entities combine to generate one new relationship (Koestler, 1964). However, Euler's law shows that combining four relations (instead of two) is six times as productive.

This promises to be an intriguing and stimulating evening. We hope to see you there!

- Mike and Tim

Host: Michael O'Keefe
Upper room (London, Greater London)
The Prince of Greenwich pub
72 Royal Hill, Greenwich
London, Greater London SE10 8RT
This meetup is for everyone interested in how money system works and how it could be changed to be constructive and socially beneficial. Come and feel free to invite your friends who might be interested too. Everyone is welcome!

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